To encourage, support, and applaud high-quality publications, LDSPPA is excited to hold an annual awards contest with a cash prize awarded to each winning team. Unique to LDSPPA, awards will be granted not only to the author/main producer but to the entire team involved in the publication (author, editor, designer, illustrator, director, etc.).

Rules and Guidelines for LDSPPA Praiseworthy Awards:


We welcome contest submissions in the following categories:

  • Text publication—short form
  • Text publication—long form
  • Multimedia publication—short form
  • Multimedia publication—long form
  • Audio/video—short form
  • Audio/video—long form

Print publication criteria: Materials with text only or with minimal visuals (e.g., artistic covers, infrequent use of visual elements); also includes traditional picture books. Examples include articles in periodicals, fiction and nonfiction books, and website content without audio or visuals.

Multimedia publication criteria: Materials with at least two different forms of media, such as text, audio, video, still images, animation, and interactive content. Does not include traditional picture books. Examples include blog posts containing text and other media, electronic books with interactive options, and video games.

Audio/video publication criteria: Materials that employ audio and/or video alone. Examples include video clips, movies, audio books, and audio or video lectures.

Short form vs. long form: Examples of short-form materials include articles, a single blog post, and a video clip. Examples of long-form materials include complete books, entire websites, and full-length movies.

Each year, one submission in each of the six categories will be selected as an award winner. In addition, one submission/its collaborators will be honored with the LDSPPA Lifetime Achievement Award.


  • For a publication to be eligible for an award, at least one of the collaborators in the publication’s creation must be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • None of the collaborators are required to be members of LDSPPA.
  • Nominated texts must have been published in their current form and in English within the calendar year established for the award. New editions will only be considered if the nominating party can demonstrate substantial revision to the text.
  • Submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2017.

Submission Process

  • Complete the submission form.
  • A submission fee of $25 for individuals and $50 for institutions must be submitted with the nomination form. (These fees cover award expenses.)
  • After the appropriate awards committee has verified the publication’s eligibility, the committee will ask the nominating party to submit the URL of an online publication or five copies of a physical publication.

Praiseworthy Awards Committees

Submissions in each major category (print, multimedia, and audio/video) will be evaluated by a separate awards committee. Each four-member committee will include at least one specialist in the category area, one writer, one editor, and one audio/visual professional.


Each winning publication team will receive a $250 cash award. Award winners will receive an award letter and a plaque. Additionally, winners will receive a digital graphic containing the LDSPPA logo and the award title and year. The winners may include the graphic on their websites, publications, social media pages, and elsewhere.


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