Congratulations to the 2015 Praiseworthy Award winners!

Winners were announced at the 2016 Annual Conference on September 23–24, 2016.

Text publication—short form
You, Unstuck: You Are the Solution to Your Greatest Problem
Contributor: Seth Adam Smith

Text publication—long form
Journals, Volume 3: May 1843–June 1844 of The Joseph Smith Papers
Contributors: Andrew H. Hedges, Alex Smith, Brent M. Rogers, Constance Palmer Lewis, Alison Palmer, Shannon Kelly, and Leslie Sherman

Multimedia publication—long form
Mormon Insights
Contributors: Marv Gardner and editing students at Brigham Young University

Audio/video—short form
The Science behind Canon’s 4K Optics
Contributors: Marc Strong, Jon Bernstein, and James Hoopes

Audio/video—long form
“The Study Quran,” Episode 33 of the Maxwell Institute Podcast
Contributors: Blair Hodges, Maria Massi Dakake, and Joseph E. B. Lumbard